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 Roster Changes

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PostSubject: Roster Changes   Tue Jan 21, 2014 12:01 pm

If you are reading this, that means you are curious about why you might have been removed from the official COD App roster. Simply, this is because you are not active enough to participate in the COD Clan Wars. This does not mean though that you are not MG. You are still very much a member of MG, just without the benefits of someone who is able to put in time to the clan wars. Some members might have to work long hours or have other obligations that might prevent them from playing Ghosts. Which is completely fine. Real life comes before gaming. You are still aloud to play with us when we are online playing. We will still send you game invites to play, if you are online.

Another reason you might have been removed is maybe you were online, but not playing Ghosts or accepting invites. You buy your own games so we are not going to force you to play something you might not be in the mood to play or play with someone you might not get along with (though I hope we can all get along together) We all have those members we enjoy playing with but when it comes time for clan wars, we must work as a unit. So what, you might not get along with Joe Shmoe, but if we need you as a 6th player to help us gain capture points, put your feelings for one person aside and try to get along for a little while to help win. The main goal here is to have fun while winning. I hate to bring the hammer down like this but I am going to have to.

Being a part of the Clan Wars roster is a special privilege that from now on will be earned. Play alot and be active and you just might earn a spot onto the roster. Now, im not saying you have to put in 8+ hours in 1 day to play Ghosts, 1-2 hours would be fine in my opinion as an active player. If you would like to participate in a clan war, let one of the leaders know 3 days prior to the roster lock and the leaders will discuss your activity within the clan and make a decision to bring you onto the roster. Also, on the same note, if you feel you cannot participate in a certain war, please let us know prior to the roster lock so we can make adjustments.

I know we all want the clan unlocks and that is a fine goal to work for, but if your not going to help work for those unlocks, then you just wont get them. Those are for those of us who have earned them. There are no free unlocks here. Some clans will just invite you and let you have the unlocks but you have to earn them in this clan. We have members that have put in WAY too many hours just to get within grasp of 1st place to win but we get beat out because of players who are too inactive to help.

I hope this clears everything up for everyone and that this roster change will be for the better to help MG out with Clan Wars.


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Roster Changes
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