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 New Warmup Routine

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PostSubject: New Warmup Routine   New Warmup Routine Icon_minitimeSun Dec 22, 2013 6:51 am

For the past few days, I have been working on a new warmup routine before I just hop into games and before the routine, I was just an average/mediocre player. Now I feel as though I could hop into any kill based gametype and score pretty high. There are 2 warmup drills I run now before playing. Reaction time training and Accuracy training.

This warmup will take  about 20 - 30 minutes.

Reaction Time training works like this. Go into a private free for all match against bots of normal difficulty, or hardened if you would like a challenge. Pick a small map which has somewhat of a circular perimeter and run the perimeter killing bots as you see them. Stopping for no longer than 0.75 - 1.5 seconds to kill, NEVER backtracking for a kill. If you get killed, start running in the direction of your spawn, this will change up your direction of running for the match. Settings are as follows (If I dont mention it, the setting isnt changed)

Enemy Bots - 7 (Normal)
Map - Strikezone
Mode - Free For All
Game Options
Time Limit - 10 Minutes
Score Limit - Unlimited
Player Options
Create Default Loadouts - Custom (loadout at the bottom)
Team Options
Respawn Delay - None
Gameplay Options
Hardcore Mode - Enabled
Killstreaks - Disabled
Field Orders - Disabled

Loadout for this drill
MTAR-X with Foregrip and Extended Mags
No secondary, lethal or tactical
Ready Up, Sleight Of Hand, Agility, Marathon, Quickdraw, Takedown
No Killstreaks


The 2nd drill in this warmup exersize is Accuracy training. What this drill is aimed for is, not reloading as often as you think you need to. An average player reloads every 1-2 kills where it is often unnecessary to reload until your 4th - 5th kill. For this drill, pick a nice open map such as Octane with recruit bots which are only there to be free targets with the occasional kill on you. This is also good training to learn how to get a KEM Strike on any map as I have gotten 3 in this drill and 1 in an actual game. Settings are as follows (Again, if I dont mention it, the setting isnt changed)

Enemy Bots - 7 (Recruit)
Map - Octane
Mode - Free For All
Game Options
Time Limit - Unlimited
Score Limit - Unlimited
(Play until you get a KEM Strike)
Player Options
Max Health - Double
Team Options
Radar Always On - Yes
Respawn Delay - None

Use whatever loadout is comfortable for you


I hope these drills are as helpful to you as they were to me.

New Warmup Routine 20tmmpt
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New Warmup Routine
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