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 2 AMAZING Classes

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Commander in charge

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PostSubject: 2 AMAZING Classes   Wed Dec 11, 2013 7:20 am

Tested as awesome classes, check these 2 vids out.

For this class it is...
AK-12 with suppressor and Foregrip
No Secondary or Tactical
Perks are as follows...
Ready Up / Stalker / Quickdraw / ICU / Focus
Killstreaks are...
SatCom / Guard Dog / Battle Hind
I replaced amplify with ICU as I hardly use my headset for sound.

For this class it is...
SC-2010 with Red Dot and Extended Mags
No Secondary or Tactical
Perks are as follows...
Ready Up / Quickdraw / Marathon / Resilience / Focus / Hardline
Killstreaks are...
Guard Dog / Sentry Gun / Battle Hind
I replaced Gambler with Resilience as Gambler can be such a crap perk.

Hope these classes work for you as they are working for me.  cheers


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2 AMAZING Classes
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