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 I spy a Canadian..

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Age : 25
Location : Ontario, Canada

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PostSubject: I spy a Canadian..   I spy a Canadian.. Icon_minitimeThu Dec 05, 2013 2:30 pm

Hey there!

Was snooping around on the COD Forums and was recommended to take a look here. Continued to snoop around the site and came to the decision of making this. Hopefully you're all Canadian friendly.. (;

Real Name - Chase
Age - 19
XBL GT - CMDxChase
XBL GT meaning - A nickname that followed me WAY back in the day, bunch of friends made it up when we all played SOCOM together on the PS2. Kept it ever since and stuck. (CMD stands for Commander FYI.)
Mic Name (What should we call you in game) - CMD, or Chase.
Home (City, State/Province) - Canada, Ontario
Hobbies - Mudding, sledding, sleeping, party-time and gaming (go figure).
Timezone - Central (CST)
Playing Times - Most of the time I work midnights, so I usually play in the mornings and afternoons, also at night depending on the day.
How you found us - Ghosts Clan Forum (Posted by Adammartin2009)
Which games do you play - COD: Ghosts, COD: MW3, GTA 5. (BF3&4 soon!)
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Commander in charge
Commander in charge

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PostSubject: Re: I spy a Canadian..   I spy a Canadian.. Icon_minitimeThu Dec 05, 2013 2:36 pm

Let me be the 1st to welcome you to the MatureGamers Clan. Registering to the website is your 1st step in your journey. Our clan has more of a family atmosphere than
most clans

By reading this you are one step from joining up.
But you'll be wanting to maybe know some more about us
before you post and play online. The best way to do
that is in 3 words which we feel describe us and the clan.

1.Mature - You may be like some of us and have children.
You are a parent through the day and then they go to bed at a reasonable hour.
You don't want to then go onto your Xbox and hear kids. Being an over 18 only clan you can be assured that there will be no 12 year old speaking S**t or trying to talk to you.

2.Community - We are a community. A group of people who have a common interest but also people you can have a laugh. Tell a joke and be prepared to be torn to shreds. If you are easily offended then you may need grow a set of kahunas. Also, just because you're new, doesn't make you exempt from some incoming abuse, but it is all light hearted and good fun.

3.Fun Fun Fun - Ok this is actually 3 words but it is the same word just repeated. We are all about enjoying the games we play. we realise that you have a life outside of the game. We don't enforce rules on people, if you are around then play and get the most out of the game.

So if you are still interested then add some members up to get into some games with them. When you do, please send an accompanying message saying you are adding for the clan.

I spy a Canadian.. 20tmmpt
Youtube = Fr0zenKold
Twitter - Fr0zenKold
Clan Twitter - MatureGamerClan
PSNID - Fr0zen-Kold
XBL GT - Fr0zen Kold
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MG Guest
MG Guest

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PostSubject: Re: I spy a Canadian..   I spy a Canadian.. Icon_minitimeThu Dec 05, 2013 3:27 pm

Woohoo! Welcome Chase!

XBL GT: AMartin91
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PostSubject: Re: I spy a Canadian..   I spy a Canadian.. Icon_minitime

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I spy a Canadian..
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