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PostSubject: TO ALL VISITORS   TO ALL VISITORS Icon_minitimeWed Nov 13, 2013 3:03 pm

Revised 1/14/2014

1. Are you at least 18 years of age? 18+ is our main requirement.

Secondly, Welcome to the MG Clan. Here are the things you will need to do in order to call yourself a MatureGamer

2. Register in our forums. It would help greatly to use your XBL GT as your forum id.

3. Update your profile in the User Control Panel (UCP) and fill in all the fields.

4. Please create your own thread with a catchy title with all the info that you fill in the template below.

Once we deem your asshatery worthy enough (This may take up to 1 week), After 1 week, we will evaluate your personality and quality of teamwork we'll accept you as member to our clan. Please do not confuse this as a formal tryout because there are no tryouts to become a member. You must be a member here on the forums before you can sport the xMGR (MatureGamersRecruit) tag in any game. After your membership has been accepted, you can request to join individual game memberships in the corresponding forums.

It is also important that you add leaders and current members in the games you wish to play to your buddy list and get into games with them. Our goal is to find a group of like minded gamers that like to game for fun and are not worried about stats. Leaders gamertags you MUST add are as follows...

Fr0zen Kold (zero in Fr0zen)
N2OCharger (capital o in N2O)

Bonus points for a catchy title. Admission is in no way promised, but more then likely will not be rejected.

We are looking for honest team players that just want to have some fun and play with others. If this sounds like you apply!

See you on the battle field [xMGx]!!!

Cut/Paste this template into your post:

Real Name -
Age -
XBL GT meaning -
Mic Name (What should we call you in game) -
Home (City, State) -
Hobbies -
Timezone -
Playing Times -
How you found us -
Which games do you play -
How active would you be as a member -
What do you think qualifies you as a MatureGamer -
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